Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation: The “Acupuncture Face-Lift”
In Oriental medicine there is a saying, “Where Qi goes, Blood follows.” While this concept may sound mysterious to those unfamiliar with Oriental Medical theory, everyone knows that increased circulation helps the body to look and feel younger.
Common sense would tell us that treating the underlying cause of aging is preferable to masking the symptoms and allowing further decay and dysfunction to continue within the body. How a person looks and feels about themselves can influence both professional and personal prosperity.
Reasons for seeking this treatment may vary but everyone wants to and can look their best with this relaxing treatment.

What Methods are Used During A Facial Rejuvenation Series?

A variety of resources to achieve maximum results including; acupuncture, topical herbal applications chosen for the individual’s skin type, electrical stimulation, pulsed light and facial massage as well as dietary recommendations and internal herbal therapy. By addressing the needs of the skin and body both outside and in, a thorough and lasting effect can be achieved.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

A course of treatment is typically 10 sessions, with noticeable results on the first session and long-lasting results appearing on about the 8th session. Each person responds differently and is treated according to his or her own unique presentation and concerns. After an initial course of treatment, maintenance sessions every 2-3 months can prolong the effects for years.

Are There Any Contraindications?

There are contraindications for some individuals with heart disorders, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure some pituitary disorders, high blood pressure, those with a pacemaker, those who have a problem with bleeding or bruising and those who are currently suffering from migraine headaches. This procedure should not be performed on individuals who are pregnant, during an acute bout with a cold or flu, during and allergic attack or during an acute herpes outbreak.

Daniel Nemer, L. Ac., holds advanced certifications in Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture training with Virginia Doran and Michelle Gellis, Two recognized experts in the field.


Specialty Treatments and Pricing Details:
$150: Facial Rejuvenation/Cosmetic Acupuncture: includes needle insertion or e-stim on ears, feet, hands, body, and face. Acupressure massage (face, neck, shoulders). Special cupping and gua sha for the face, neck and shoulders. Aromatherapy oils. Revive your appearance and overall health! Bodywork may include: acupressure, cupping, gua sha, TDP heat lamp, Jade stone heating pad, Reiki, Sound Bath. Inquire about other therapies offered.

Pain Relief

Rid your body of nagging aches and pains, chronic back pain, neck and joint pain, even arthritis can be reduced or eliminated. The most common use of acupuncture world-wide!

Stress Reduction

Melt away worries with this painless form of gentle and relaxing acupuncture. Stress is the root of all health problems, addressing the causes and symptoms of stress will add years to your life!

Stress triggers the “fight or flight” response, which prepares the body for escape or combat by increasing the heart rate, halting digestion, and directing blood to arms and legs. Occasional short bursts of this response are not a problem. However, when stress becomes a long-term way of life, that set of biological responses can cause serious health problems.



Restores harmony and balance in the channels and meridians of your body by eliminating pollutants and rebuilding vital energy; useful for anyone since we are all exposed to toxins on a regular basis.

Stop Smoking

The best thing you can do for your health right now. Kick the habit with a safe, natural and effective series of acupuncture treatments. Designed to help you stop smoking without stress or anxiety.

Smoking Cessation Treatment Packages of 5 or 10 available!


Balancing Acupuncture

Balance is a dynamic state, one that is ever changing and adapting to influences from all sides in order to maintain equilibrium. Balancing Acupuncture improves your adaptability to stress and restores your vitality.

Maintenance, Preventative, Explore the Benefits of Regular Care.

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